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The Commodore

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Birthday Drinks in Brooklyn

This past Friday, there was a Stern birthday celebration at The Commodore (no website, I've heard that the food there is legendary, so that alone was worth the trip. For a dive bar, the Commodore offered several interesting drink options. I wasn't sure which to order first...the Perfect Manhattan or Old Fashioned. 


Where to Start?

I started with a Bulleit Rye Perfect Manhattan. I love love love Bulleit! It really makes wonderful cocktails. I've been dabbling in dark spirits more. I haven't gotten to just drinking bourbon neat, so a little cocktailing never hurt. 


Perfect Manhattan - made with Sweet and Dry Vermouth

After I finished this delicious drink, I moved on to the Old Fashioned. I ordered it with Bulleit Rye as well. This cocktail was a bit too weird for me. For the size of the glass, the slice of orange was HUGE and the drink was way too red. It just seemed off - should have gotten another Manhattan since it was "Perfect" after all. 


Old Fashioned

Once we were hydrated, we checked out the menu. I loved the monkey on it - really different!


The place is pretty famous for the fried chicken. Ingrid was smart and ordered that. I ordered a Kale Caesar salad. Complete rookie mistake. I'm trying to eat healthier...yet ordering a salad in a place famous for frying food is just a bad call.


What You Should Order - Fried Chicken


What You Shouldn't Order - Salad...

The birthday boy, Tim, kept ordering rounds of  Bandera Shots aka Mexican Flag Shots. The shot is made out of three separate shots: tequila, lime juice and Bloody Mary Mix. Woof. I didn't partake. It looked interesting..


Bandera Shots

This is definitely a place to check out. It was cold outside and HOT inside. The bar is small and I got overheated pretty quickly. I would recommend wearing layers so you can prevent yourself from sweating your face off.