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Visiting Temple (Bar)

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Drinks with the Girls

Last night, I caught up with two close friends from Stern (Michelle and Olivia). I wanted to try out a bar I read about near school, Temple Bar ( I love trying out new places - there are simply too many bars in this city to always go to the same places. I read about Temple Bar's reputation for expertly crafted cocktails and was convinced I need to visit it immediately, if not sooner!


Beautiful Interior Features a Sculpted Wood Bar

I asked the bartender if they made their own pickle juice - specific question, I know! Instead of a dirty martini, I enjoy a pickle martini. The flavor profile is a bit more subtle and less salty if the pickles are made in-house. Naturally, I ordered it with Ketel One. 


Dirty Pickle Martini

Next, I wanted a Perfect (sweet & dry vermouth) Bulleit Manhattan. I had one this weekend and I loved it. Instead of a cherry (hate them!), I ordered with a twist. Such a good choice!


Perfect Drink! :)

I loved the set-up of the back bar. I snapped a photo. 

Swank City

This place would be a great date spot - check it out! I hope to check it out on a date sometime soon :)