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Balls on Balls

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The Meatball Shop is the #1 place for Balls

Last weekend, Meredith and I shared our last meal together at The Meatball Shop in Chelsea ( I chose this location (there are multiple in the city) because it features the downstairs bar adorably called Underballs. I was heartbroken to see that the bar isn't open on Sundays!

I chose to order the Spicy Pork meatballs with the Parmesan Cream Sauce. You get 4 meatballs with an order. I got a side of broccoli so I could dip it in the sauce instead of the foccacia bread that comes with it. Sad panda. 

Do your balls hang low?

Do your balls hang low?

I love love love this place. The cocktails are great too but I chose not to imbibe.