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Take Me To Calexico

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A Cancelled Class Visit Turns into a Mexican Lunch

Last week, my class was supposed to visit Kickstarter on Monday. Due to Veteran's Day, we had to move the visit to next week. Instead of heading right back to campus, we had lunch at Calexico ( 

We ordered guacamole, chips and salsa for the table. The guac was awesome and still chunky - I hate when it's too smooth. I'm still on that low carb kick so I ordered a Burrito Bowl without rice and beans but with extra meat. I chose the Carne Asada. It was delicious! I got the "crack sauce" which is a chipotle something or other. 

Carne Asada NOM

Carne Asada NOM

Cute artwork on the walls.

Cute artwork on the walls.

This is a nice Mexican spot. I would probably check it out again.