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Thankful for Whiskey Down

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Vegas Baby!

What better way to prepare for Thanksgiving break than to go to Vegas with nearly thirty people from Stern? Honestly, I cannot think of a better way. Can you? Somehow we thought it would be a good idea to stay in Vegas for four nights and nearly five days. It was pushing it to the extreme, but we were there with the Stern Adventure Club, so it is sort of expected levels of debauchery.

During the trip. I got some serious bonding time with some awesome MBA1 ladies. Jenn and Miranda are special ladies and share my passion for a bar that we frequented over the weekend: Whiskey Down ( I knew it would be a special place when the bartender made Miranda an "extra spicy" Bloody Mary with his "special ingredients". We are still not sure what he put in the drink; sometimes it is best to have some mystery, especially in Vegas.

The bar is located in the MGM Grand (where we were staying) and it is conveniently located right near the elevator bank! It makes it easy to pick up a to-go cup.

My New Favorite Bar in Vegas

My New Favorite Bar in Vegas

The drinks were affordable (by both New York and Vegas standards). Most of the specialty cocktails (typically $15) at $10-$12 and were fantastic. My favorite of the weekend was the Down-Home Punch. Served in a mason jar, it is made with Woodford Reserve MGM Select Barrel Bourbon, White Peach, Fresh Mint, Lemon and Tea. You know a casino means business when it has its own bourbon. #jealous

Down-Home Punch

Down-Home Punch

If you're in Vegas and happen to be in the MGM Grand, I highly recommend this spot. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!