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The Long Room

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Midtown Hotel Bars Close at 12 (Just FYI)

This past Saturday, I had a first date and we were originally going to meet at Lantern's Keep at the Iroquois Hotel. For a cocktail lover such as myself, I was very impressed with his suggested. Many times picking a location can be daunting for either party. I had wanted to go to this bar for a while and walked by it daily on the way to my internship this summer. Finally! I would go...but, little did I know, this wish would not be granted.

Just as a heads up, Yelp! isn't always right. The website said that the bar was open until 1AM. Both of us were coming back to the city form Thanksgiving travel, so we planned to meet for a nightcap. I showed up at midnight to have the bartender ask for my "last call" - boo! Instead, I asked for a back-up recommendation. A girl has to be resourceful. This is how we ended up at The Long Room ( It has a gastropub atmosphere with live music - maybe not the best first date location. Anyway, we both ordered a Bulleit Manhattan and made the best of it. I was pleased when he recommended our next location: Milk & Honey!

Read my next post for details!