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So EN Love with this Place!

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Dinner with Famous People

This past Thursday, I had a truly special evening. In my Digital Media Innovation class, a classmate and I won the opportunity to have dinner with several heavyweights in the digital/tech industry. I knew that my professor (Greg Coleman) and the CEO of LinkedIn (Jeff Weiner) would attend. I didn't know that one of the largest investors in Twitter (Fred Wilson) and basketball legend Dr J (Julius Erving) would be there as well! 

I tried to remain calm and not embarrass my professor and his super important (and rich) friends. We dined at EN Japanese Brasserie ( I only took *one* picture. Naturally, it was of the super swanky drink I ordered: The Local Honey. 


Local Honey

This cocktail is made with Yamazaki 12 whisky. local honey with wasabi, Beefeater gin and royal bee pollen. It was DELICIOUS!

Our meal was INCREDIBLE. It was a pre-set menu and we dined on the following items:

Edamame - soaked in dashi (pretty basic, yet the addition was welcome)

Freshly Made Scooped Tofu - served warm with wari-joyu (not sure what the sauce is, but this was one of the highlights of the meal. It was so interesting and the texture was super creamy/soft. Also, it is made hourly!)

O-Tsukuri - chef's sashimi selection (definitely some of the best raw fish I've had in a long time!)

Oysters with Ponzu - chef's selection (these were ok, I had one that was a bit "fishy" and it made me have to chug my lovely cocktail. Eek)

Lobster Ishiyaki - stone grilled lobster with a butter miso sauce (yum city, loved this)

Stone Grilled Kuroge Washugyu Ribeye - with ponzu and arajio (the marbling on this was insane, I can only imagine it was expensive)

Sushi Rolls - chef's selection (basic but nom. I tried an eel roll, I am so tasted like chicken, sort of?)

Seasonal Panna Cotta - with a hojicha cookie (the seasonal selection was chestnut, really lovely)

This restaurant is expensive and certainty worth it. I hope to return soon with friends, even if only for the drinks!