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Tapas at Salinas

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The Fun Continues in Chelsea!

After we left the Tippler on Friday, Christine and I headed several blocks uptown to Salinas ( We wanted something a little more to eat beyond what was offered on the first venue's menu. We started with the Trio of Charcutero - it was delicious. It came with some toasted slices of bread and a fig spread; Christine said it was tasty. 


Meat on Meat on Meat

To complement with carnivore dream, we ordered some cheese. We got the daily selection of "Quesos Artesanales" - naturally, this is translated to "the expensive cheese" - not really, but basically.


More Cheese Please - MASSIVE GRAPES!

The spot definitely had mood lighting. I didn't want to use my flash so all my photos have a red mysterious. I ordered my go to drink for now - try to guess!


Bulleit Rye Perfect Manhattan

I had a date scheduled later that evening after my date with Christine - I am such a double booker! So, I ordered a cappuccino to keep going. 


You think you're fancy? Yes, of course!

Salinas is a lovely spot. There are a lot of tapas places in the city that I want to explore, so not sure if I would go back.