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Some Tipples at the Tippler


Visiting the Tippler

My good friend Christine was finally free this past Friday! It was a joyous occasion that demanded celebratory drinks. She wanted to go to the Tippler ( and I had been there once before and loved it, so our location was set!


The Outside

If you haven't been to this spot before, it can be tricky to find it. If you go, look out for the lit "Open" sign to guide you! I've been on a Manhattan kick lately, so why stop it? I ordered the Flight of Manhattans. It included (from left to right), a classic Manhattan, a Greenpoint (with Green Chartreuse) and a Little Italy (with Cynar). I liked them in descending order! The classic was clearly the winner. The Greenpoint was interesting. Green Chartresuse is a green liqueur made with over 100 herbs and plants. It had a nice flavor. The Little Italy was not that pleasant. I had not yet had is odd. It is an Italian bitter liqueur made with herbs and plants, the predominant taste profile from the artichoke....ehhh. It doesn't taste like artichokes it just doesn't taste great. 


Manhattan Flight

Christine ordered the featured special - an alcoholic egg cream. The dusting of cinnamon on the top was a lovely touch!


Alcoholic Dessert :)

We got hungry and ordered appetizers. I got a shrimp cocktail and Christine got one of the featured toasts with white bean puree. Nomnomnom!!


Shrimp Cocktail


White Bean Toast

For our last round, I got a Bulleit Rye Perfect Manhattan and Christine got some interesting drink that tasted like orange soda (but was alcoholic). I only snapped a pic of mine though, oops!

Bulleit Rye Perfect Manhattan

This is a fun spot right by Chelsea Market. There is a lot of bar seating and standing table room which is an awesome feature. If you get there before 9pm, you could probably find a spot to sit without much trouble.

Check it out if you're in the area!