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Keeping it Classy at a Cigar Bar

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Smoking a Cigar is Sexy...until you cannot wash the smell out of your hair for days

After our dinner at Indochine, Scott and I went to Lexington Bar and Books ( for a classy evening of brown liquor and cigars. As my first cocktail, I ordered a Hot Toddy made with Bushmills Irish Honey, orange liquor, lemon juice, honey and spices.

Hot Toddy and a Lexington Cigar

Hot Toddy and a Lexington Cigar

I love hot beverages on a cold night. It is so soothing. I hardly smoke cigars (I've smoke one like 10 years ago?) so I didn't want to have anything too aggressive. Our server recommend the Bar and Books Lexington. It is described as having flavors that are "tantalizing and complex, while mild in body, the smoke is smooth and easy." I really enjoyed it while I was smoking it. However, immediately after, I never wanted to smell it again. That is the thing about cigars: they don't know when to say goodbye. They are CLINGERS. When I got home I must have washed my hair about 5x. It didn't matter. Today, several days later, I am free of the smell. #toughlife

As my second cocktail, I got the Apple Cider made with Tuaca, lemon juice, fresh apple cider, and cinnamon - served hot of course!
made with Tuaca

Apple Cider

Apple Cider

This is a great spot for a classy cocktail. Be forewarned, if you do not want to smell like smoke, stay far away from here! Otherwise, enjoy! :)