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What's the Omelette De Jour?

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The Omelette of the Day. Ok, I'll Have That!

Before going our separate ways for Winter break, I met up with Eileen for brunch. She was bound for Spain but not until we met for brunch at Lafayette ( This is a lovely place for any meal. They make all of their breads at the restaurant; there is a bakery that displays all of the extravagant pastries. The croissants, French macaroons and sticky buns, among other items,  looked DELICIOUS. I will need to stop by again for coffee and sweets when I'm on campus sometime .

It was a picturesque day to meet Eileen - a perfect winter afternoon, complete with snow! I had a great time working with her over the summer at Diageo - I look forward to working with her again after I graduate. I ordered the omelette special. It featured bacon, cheese and sliced potatoes with a side salad. I ordered a coffee that was really great - I hoped it would be since it was nearly $4! Those crazy French people! haha

Omelette Special

Omelette Special

Lafayette is on my list to return to in the next semester. It is very close to campus and a great place to take a break in.