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So This is Ladies Night

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Sotto 13 for a Delicious Meal!

Last Friday, Elspeth, a lovely lady from my block at Stern, organized an unlimited (I love the sound of that!) wine meal at Sotto 13 ( This spot is known for its boozy brunch, which I still need to check out!

For our dinner, we had a great selection of different tapas and pizzas. We had calamari, arancini balls, meatballs, shrimp scampi and two different pizzas (cheese and sausage). We also had a great selection of wines: different reds, whites and roses.

I was too engaged in conversation with the other ladies in my block and sampling the different wines to document each part of the meal. Trust me, it was yummy. I will need to go back for the brunch. I snapped a photo of the group of ladies.

The Beautiful Ladies of Block 3

The Beautiful Ladies of Block 3

The vibe of the spot is nice. It is in a great neighborhood and right next to Flex Mussels, a favorite place of mine. If you'd like a glass of wine and some tapas, stop by Sotto 13. I hope you're also having a great night and preparing for Christmas! :)