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Pour on that Milk & Honey

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Great Spot Hidden Near Madison Square Park

After we had one drink at The Long Room, my date suggested that we go to a classier establishment: Milk & Honey ( Once we got out of the cab, I realized I had walked by this location several times. It is right next to a McDonald's and completely non-descript. I feel that is the point - You only know if you're in the "know" - I guess now I am. I just thought it was a random door - consider me informed! Luckily, we didn't have to wait and could be seated inside immediately. You enter through a velvet cloaked entryway - swankfest.

The server came by and asked for what we would like to drink. You can get a unique cocktail based on your spirit preference and taste profile or order a standard cocktail. For my first drink, I asked for a spiked egg nog, bartender's suggested prep. It is holiday time, so why not be festive!

Spiked Eggnog? Yes Please!

Spiked Eggnog? Yes Please!

The cocktail was lovely. Not too strong or too creamy - perfection! For my next cocktail, I got an "interpretation" (quotes very necessary) of a Manhattan. I didn't take a photo because I like to contain the crazy during a date. I can only take so many photos on a first date. I need to let out my cocktail obsession drink by drink, not all at once.

I would highly recommend Milk & Honey for a date, catching-up with a friend or just grabbing a well-crafted cocktail solo. Get after it.