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Dos Caminos

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Another Solid Brunch Spot!

Last week, Melissa and I continued eating our way through Manhattan. Because it was Saturday, the answer was BRUNCH. The question was: Where? Melissa, the smart native New Yorker that she is, suggested that we go to Dos Caminos Meatpacking ( Who doesn't like trendy Mexican food?

I have been to some of the other Dos locations, but not this uber-hip one. Clearly I was excited! Dos Caminos offers a great brunch deal. It is not drink-until-you-embarrass yourself, though you do get one classy cocktail included in the price of your entrée. Agave ( is a great option if you want to drink until you don't remember your name but the food is not as good - know your objective and you're good. Also, both of these Mexican spots take reservations which is fantastic. I don't have the patience to wait for a margarita.

The brunch menu has a nice selection of both sweet and savory options, all under $20 with the cocktail and coffee/tea. I continuously battle which to pick - such a huge life decision I know.  I ended up with the Machacado Breakfast Tacos ($14) made with beef brisket, scrambled eggs, Vermont cheddar and salsa a la Mexicana. Melissa is a good friend and advised me to order the salsa on the side. This was a good move as I think "a la Mexicana" translated means you may not like this salsa. The taco shells were soft - good news. I felt it would be awkward to have a crunchy taco shell for brunch, it is too early for all the loud munching. The coffee was a bit odd, but of course I drank it.



For my cocktail choice, I chose the frozen prickly pear margarita from the selection that also included a frozen traditional margarita, Bloody Mary, screwdriver, mimosa, Champagne, orange or grapefruit juice. The cocktail was lovely - great level of sweetness without being cloying.

Sip Sip!

Sip Sip!

Overall, Dos Caminos is a solid spot. I do, however, take issue with the fact that chips are not brought out with salsa for free. For some reason, that just annoys me. I guess the trendy spots aren't into that.