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Reliable Cocktails Down the Block

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Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar

For my third date with a certain someone, I wanted to pick somewhere romantic-ish while avoiding trying too hard. Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar ( is just the place for this type of mood.

During the colder months, Ayza has its outside seating tented with many heat lamps. While this seems like a good concept, it can get very hot outside. Even if it is the polar vortex and freezing, somehow it is Miami within the tents.

There is a FourSquare check-in for a free glass of white wine, red wine or sangria. Naturally, I took advantage of that. I'm all about a deal. After I had a glass of white wine and my date has the sangria, I ordered my favorite cocktail. The Raspberry Chocolate Martini is made with Chambord and Kahlua, served with an 80% dark chocolate truffle.

Raspberry Chocolate Martini

Raspberry Chocolate Martini

After I finished this cocktail, which honestly could take one sip, I ordered another one. The Espresso Martini made with Stoli Vanil, Kahlua, Chilled Espresso and White Cream de Cacao. It is served with coffee beans in it which is weird. It would be better if they were chocolate covered, as I thought it was and ate one. It was unfortunate.

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

This is a great date spot. Check it out and Check IN on FourSquare for your free drink!