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Evelyn, The Pleasure is all Mine

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Finally Made it Here!

I put together a list of cocktail places I wanted to visit during my time off ( and Evelyn ( was in the East Village section. After our dinner at Back Forty, it was only a couple of blocks away to get to Evelyn. We ran since it was cold and we were THIRSTY!

The cocktail list is very interesting. There is a section called "Spirited Phosphates" which are carbonated beverages spiked with booze and charged with CO2! The drinks are "poured" from an old-fashioned seltzer container, super cool. The smaller size is $7 and the bigger size is $11. OF course we got the bigger size. I chose the Bramble Cup, made with Four Roses Bourbon, Pimms, Blackberry Syrup, Mint, Lemon, Angostura Bitters and Phosphate (the Bubbly stuff!). The quality of this photo sucks. I tend to use my iPhone but hate using the flash when I'm out. I don't want to be annoying when others are enjoying their cocktail or meal with a BRIGHT FLASH. So, sometimes we get ehhh photos.

The Bramble Cup

The Bramble Cup

Since Aish and I were having a cocktail crawl, we only got one drink here. The back bar was interesting. It looked like someone was trying to be romantic with the candles and then things got out of hand. It adds a certain mood for sure.

Bath and Body Works EXPLODED on the Back Bar

Bath and Body Works EXPLODED on the Back Bar

I'd recommend exploring this spot and sticking around for a couple cocktails. I wanted to be able to walk to our next location, so we kept it tame with one.