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Back to Back Forty!

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A Dinner Out with a New Friend!

Last week, I planned a fun evening out with Aish, a lovely lady I met in one of my classes at Stern. She is HILARIOUS and I knew I had to impressive her with my knowledge of restaurants and cocktails. I knew Back Forty ( would be a solid option for dinner. Although Aish is a gluten-free vegetarian she does not suck as a person. She was flexible in my restaurant choices and knew that I could find something suitable for her particular dietary needs. I instantly knew we would be best friends.

During my internship, we had a dinner at Back Forty and it was yummy! Fantastic cocktails and entrees. I really wanted to order the corn bread so naturally it was no longer on the menu - a "seasonal" issue. I was "upset" but managed to find something else on the menu. We each started with their signature cocktail, The Back Forty. It is made with George Dickel #12, Maple and Lemon. Each cocktail is $11; there is also an option for a large format carafe for $55.

The Back Forty

The Back Forty

While I was sipping on this delicious cocktail, I selected the Crispy Duck Confit, served with Fregola Sarda (a style of semolina pasta from Sardinia, Italy), Turnips, and a Citrus Marmalade. It was absolutely delicious. I love duck and this one was prepared perfectly. I highly recommend it.

Crispy Duck Confit

Crispy Duck Confit

Aish ordered the Housemade Pappardelle, served with a broccoli pistou, winter vegetables and Toussaint Cow's Cheese. It didn't look that pretty so I forgot to take a photo. What it lacked in looks, it made up for in taste, at least according to Aish and her gluten-free vegetarian palate.

Back Forty has great desserts but it was the first stop of our evening, so we wanted to have room. The donuts are yummy!