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Analogue, Comparable to Other Awesome Cocktail Places

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I Made A Grammar Joke!

Prior to our late night (12:15am) show at The Comedy Cellar, we headed to Analogue ( for a pre-show cocktail. I heard great things about this spot but couldn't go previously because it opens at 5pm and I was always in the neighborhood around 4pm. Oh well, solved that problem!

The setting is an ultra-relaxed lounge with jazz music. It certainly ups the posh factor for cocktail spots on 8th Street (near NYU). Since we didn't have much time before our show, I looked over the menu and asked our server for recommendations. She recommended the Peche Bourbon (I already had my eye on it!). I couldn't find the list of ingredients on the website (still under construction), but the base of the drink is house-made Peach Bourbon. YUM!

Peche Bourbon

Peche Bourbon

The drink was really lovely! I loved the shape of the glass. The peach enhanced the existing profile of the bourbon. I also snapped a photo of the back bar. Last year, I worked on a consulting project for Brenne ( and I was proud to see it on the back bar!

Swanky Back Bar!

Swanky Back Bar!

If you find yourself in the neighborhood, give this spot a whirl. Great vibe, attentive servers and skilled bartenders!