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Sundaes and Cones


It's Never Too Cold for Ice Cream!

After dinner at Han Dynasty, I was craving dessert. Especially given that my lips were numb from eating super spicy Szechuan food, I was wanting some SWEET relief - get it? Ok, I'll stop.

I knew we were right up the block from Sundaes and Cones (, a cute ice cream shop I've wanted to visit but never passed at the right time.

After looking at all of the ice cream flavors, I went with Mocha Chip. There are a ton of fun flavors to choose from, especially Asian-inspired ones like Thai Tea and Black Sesame.

Mocha Chip

Mocha Chip

The ice cream was delicious. I thought I ordered one scoop and when this thing came out I was a bit taken aback, but that didn't stop me from finishing it. CLEAN PLATE CLUB.

Liv, Christine and I were looking at the ice cream cakes behind the display and I noticed this lovely cake.

A Crappy Cake

A Crappy Cake

It looks like dog shit on grass. Surely, this must be a special order cake from someone with interesting taste, to say the least. I checked the company website and this is ACTUALLY FEATURED under cakes as "Poo on Grass" - WHY? Evidence:

If you want to get someone a cake for a celebration, maybe don't order this one...