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Visiting Temple (Bar) Again!

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Cocktails that are a Religious Experience

I met up with one of my MBA1 buddies, Katharine, for a cocktail last weekend. I am so excited for her summer internship! She will be at the company that I will be joining full-time upon graduation.

Katharine lives near campus and I chose Temple Bar ( I've been to this bar before and had a great time. I knew this would be a solid spot for a strong cocktail and good conversation. After looking at the menu, I picked the Femme Fatale, made with Bulleit Bourbon, Orchard Cherry and Allspice Dram.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar

As a bourbon fan, this drink hit the spot! It's a bit sweeter than a Manhattan but has many of the same flavors.

If you're in NoHo and looking for a cocktail, this is a wonderful spot to check out. Especially if you're looking for a more upscale vibe and a quiet spot, this is for you!