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Heading Back to Camp

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Visiting David Again!

Some of my girl friends (Miranda, Becca, and Kasia) live near Camp David. It is a great neighborhood bar with surprisingly good cocktails. 

Last time I went, I had a lovely time. I had exactly the same experience - the best kind of deja vu. The bartender makes delicious cocktails - last time I loved the Caipirinha, so I got it again



We stayed for an hour or so and then headed to a horribly crowded bar (Sweet & Vicious). There is an outdoor seating area in the rear that closes later in the evening - a stampede of people came in from outside just as we arrived. I swiftly turned around and got out of there!

Cool Street Art

Cool Street Art

The only good that came out of heading over there was seeing some cool street art. Avoid Sweet & Vicious on the weekend late at night.