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Millesime Features $1 Oysters

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Visiting the Eiffel Tower for Deals

I've gone to Millesime before for brunch, so I was ready to try it out for Happy Hour. The deal is $1 Oysters, Monday to Friday from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Unlike many other $1 Oyster Happy Hours, this one JUST features $1 Oysters. Yes, there are deals for $8 glasses of wine. It is just disappointing to me when there aren't other nibbles at a discounted price. 

In order to supplement the oysters, Melissa (always an awesome gal to eat with) and I decided to get some Frites to nibble on. 



We also ordered a dozen oysters (6 each). We were surprised by how long it took for them to arrive...especially when they showed up at the table looking like someone ripped them open with a hacksaw. 

Terribly Shucked Oysters

Terribly Shucked Oysters

Presentation is such a huge part of the dining experience. It was disappointing when this visual element was not on point. 

Thankfully, something that was beautiful was the ceiling. The stained glass elevates the dining room. The wire Eiffel Tower also plays into the Parisian theme. 

The Ceiling and Eiffel Tower (who knew?)

The Ceiling and Eiffel Tower (who knew?)

If you come here, skip the Oysters. There are many other places in the city with better deals!

On the upside, I saw a classmate's (hi Ines!) handsome pug OTTO on my walk home. I saw him right before it started to pour. 


Hope you're having a great day!