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Visiting Soho (Beach House) in Miami

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Outside Dining = Bug Bites

After our drinks at the Setai, we headed over to Soho Beach House for drinks and dinner. The set-up is beautiful and we enjoyed a cocktail outside by the bar. I started to get eaten alive by mosquitoes - I was so glad that the venue was able to provide me with bug spray! It was a life-saver. Thank you for the customer service!

Like it fell out of a Crate and Barrel Catalog

Like it fell out of a Crate and Barrel Catalog

I ordered the cocktail featuring my brand, Zacapa! Robert Pallone, our Miami Ambassador, has done an incredible job getting the brand featured. The Ron Old Fashioned features Zacapa, Angostura and Orange Bitters. SO DELICIOUS! If you like brown spirits (whisk(e)y, bourbon, scotch, etc.), try your favorite cocktails with Zacapa (an aged rum). It just tastes like liquid gold :)

Ron Old Fashioned

Ron Old Fashioned

For dinner, we shared several plates. I don't remember everything I ate. I DO remember that the food was quite tasty. The setting is simply spectacular, so check it out if you're in Miami!