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Do you know Jacques?

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The Drinks Are Downstairs!

My second trip to Jacques 1534 ( was fantastic. The drinks were on point. I love that this spot is cozy and takes reservations. This feature is not to be overlooked - if you're going to pay over $10 for a cocktail, sometimes you want to know you will have a seat! I love Cachaca, so I the Love Lost caught my eye. It features Cachaca, Rooibos Tea, lime juice, orgeat, honey syrup, cardamom and bitters. YUM!

Love Lost

I loved the presentation! The tiki glass was awesome. My grandmother always said that the glass changes how the drink tastes and I certainly agree! The orchid was a great detail too. 

Next, I continued with another Cachaca drink. Although it wasn't on the menu, the bartender was able to craft an excellent Caipirinha. The guy has skills.


I would highly recommend this spot! Most of my reviews have been very positive, but I promise I give honest feedback! I haven't gone to any bad places recently - #winning.