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Let Me See that Lobster Roll

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The MBA Life: Hamptons Edition

This past weekend has been a great break from the grind of the city. At Stern, each class is separated into blocks; I am in Block 3. One of my blockmates, Lilian, really spearheaded organizing the trip and the rest of us pitched in with cooking. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting The Lobster Roll Restaurant ( in Amagansett. 

Since the seasons are changing, our server suggested a special drink. It was a Blue Point Pumpkin Ale with a cinnamon-sugar rim. It was DELICIOUS! I'm not sure if it was the best drink to pair with seafood, but whatever. I loved it!

As an appetizer, I was intrigued by the fried blowfish! How interesting! We had to try it, so a group of us selected a half-order to share.

You can probably see in the picture above that there is a small fin. When they fry puffer fish, it is the tail! For my main, I clearly had to get a lobster roll (I mean, the place is called The Lobster Roll!). Instead of the traditional style, I ordered a hot lobster roll. It is basically lobster meat prepared in butter and served with hot dog buns on the side.

It was delicious and really filling. The food isn't cheap, but you get a large quantity of lobster! With our bellies full, we headed to the beach.

The weather was lovely. I love New York City. I think being away from all the hustle and bustle gave me time to reflect on how much I love Stern, my friends and my family.