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Happy Hour with a New Friend :)

This past Friday, I got drinks with Ashley, someone I was introduced to by Justin, an MBA 1 at Stern. I should note they are a very cute couple! I really liked her when I met her and only saw her randomly at school events. I wanted to see her on purpose. So I sent her a Facebook message and asked her out on a "friend" date. It sounds silly, but it is hard to meet new girl friends sometimes! I was glad she wanted to meet me for drinks. We picked Friday the 13th - it would be Spooky Drinks! She suggested a spot that had a solid Happy Hour, Von ( The Happy Hour is from Monday - Friday, 5pm to 7pm and Saturday - Sunday, 3pm to 5pm. I ordered a Sauvignon Blanc that was $6 and quite nice. After this drink, I ordered a glass of the mulled wine. It was delicious!

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

Do you see the hot steam coming off that wine? It was so comforting on a chilly December evening. I had a wonderful time with Ashley and I look forward to getting together with her (on purpose!) again. Also, Ashley has an amazing website: The Fiscal Femme. You should check it out: