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Indian Lunch with Melissa!

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Discounts Make Food Taste Better

Last week, I met Melissa for a break from her recruiting schedule. I have this entire month off from school, so naturally, this gave me a break from doing nothing. Near campus, there is a great Indian spot that offers a lunch special. Previously, it used to be 50% off entrees and now it is 30% off everything if you eat at the location. If you take lunch to go, it is still 50% off. I don't agree with this confusing pricing scheme, but whatever.

Melissa loves the same things that I do, so we split two different chicken dishes: Tikka Masala and Korma. We also got a side of Peas Pulao and Garlic Naan.



The chicken dishes were delicious, but somewhat stingy on the pieces of chicken. A bit disappointing. If you get a discount, it is only worth it if the portions are still the same size. Worth a try for the carry-out.