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Hitting the Right Note at Flatiron Room

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Post Birthday Dinner DRANKS!

After an epic meal at The Gander, we made our way over the The Flatiron Room. I've been here before and had a wonderful time with Melissa. 

We were fairly full and "hydrated" from our meal, so we just got a nightcap. I went with the Blackberry Gimlet made with fresh blackberries, vodka, lime juice and sugar. 

Blackberry Gimlet

Blackberry Gimlet

While I do realize that it is somewhat sacrilegious to order a non-whiskey cocktail at a location with such a wide selection, I drink what I damn well please :) I am an equal-opportunity drinker! The feature I appreciate most about Flatiron Room is the reservation policy. It is refreshing to go to a venue that believes in having a place to call your own to enjoy a cocktail. There is something to be said about sipping a tasty beverage without the fear of someone knocking into you!