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Regent Cocktail Club for a Lively Night

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Let's Do The Rum-ba

After our dinner at Meat Market, we headed to the Regent Cocktail Club for rum cocktails and live music. This is a small, lively spot within the Gale South Beach, a beautiful hotel.

On the night we visited, it was Rum Night! In my world at work, every night is rum night. I love that the bartenders sing and take part in the music. The whole venue is very high energy. 

Live Music and Delicious Cocktails

Live Music and Delicious Cocktails

I witnessed the skills of one of my coworkers, Rebecca, on the dance floor. That girl can MOVE!

Shake shake shake

Shake shake shake

When you're in Miami and are looking for a relaxed night, swing by the Regent. You won't be disappointed!